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Creativity and Content Creation on Omi
Creativity and Content Creation on Omi

Explore Your Creativity with Omi and Create an Infinity of Templates

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In the realm of visual creation, expressing creativity is an endless pursuit. With Omi, this quest becomes an exciting adventure, offering a vast array of possibilities to bring your boldest ideas to life. Let's explore how Omi is revolutionizing the creative process by providing an infinite range of unique renders.


Millions of Templates

Omi provides access to a vast repository of templates, constantly refreshed and tailored to the seasons and current trends. With millions of possible combinations, each user benefits from an endless source of inspiration for their creative projects.

Ultimate Customization of Your Renders

With Omi, customization reaches new heights. Not only can you personalize backgrounds and colors to reflect your brand's identity, but you can also create bespoke products by hand. By faithfully reproducing the essence of your brand, you remain unique on Omi, setting yourself apart from the competition and strengthening your visual footprint.

Each template is infinitely customizable based on your brand's image in terms of colors or textures, among others.

Initial Template Nature / Flowering Cactus

Template Modified with a Different Color for the Background

Template Modified with a Different Texture for the Background

Magic of Backgrounds and Textures through AI

Firstly, Omi offers an exclusive feature called "Magic Background," allowing for the creation of always unique backgrounds. This revolutionary feature opens up new creative possibilities, giving users the ability to create striking and original visuals every time.

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Secondly, Omi offers an exclusive feature allowing you to generate your textures. These can be applied to:

  • The background of your scene

  • The floor of your scene

  • Customizable accessories

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Extensive Asset Library

To meet all creative needs, Omi provides an ultra-comprehensive library of accessories, professional lighting, reflections, and much more:

  • +6000 Accessories: Various elements to add dynamism to your creations.

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  • +100 Pro Lights: Professional lighting to highlight every infinitely customizable detail.

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  • +100 Reflections: Subtle light effects to create stunning renders.

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With this exhaustive library, you have all the necessary tools to bring your creative vision to life with precision and originality!

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