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Omi introduction

Use Omi to automate your Social Media & eCommerce content creation

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The Omi solution is an online software that transforms your physical products into 3D models and creates ultra-realistic 3D visuals of your products for all of your marketing needs...

With Omi, you can create unique photo and video content for your product in just a few clicks, without any technical skills or having to travel.

To achieve success, brands must consistently generate diverse content for their products, across various formats and platforms, while ensuring continuous updates. Omi brings all these functions together in an intuitive and powerful web solution, based on ultra-realistic 3D technology.

What is Omi?

Who can use it?

Omi has been designed for product marketing professionals: product managers, social network or e-commerce managers, graphic designers, art directors, agencies... Anyone can use it!

What does it do?

Omi lets you create ultra-realistic photos and videos of your products, without any technical skills and in just a few minutes! With our solution, you can generate professional-quality product visuals in any format you desire - ready to be used for all your purposes (product launches, Hero and product sheets for e-commerce, publications or adverts for social networks, newsletters, printed brochures, etc.).

How do you get started?

No technical skills are required: we make 3D accessible to product marketers. With Omi, you can create a photo or video in just a few minutes using our pre-configured templates and drag & drop functionality. You don't need to be a digital artist to make 3D.😉

Steps to get started

1- Have us model your product in 3D

Omi employs a team of 3D artists to transform your physical product into a 3D model. Simply send us your product and upload your labels and photos... And Omi does the rest. In just a few days, you'll have a custom-made, ultra-realistic 3D model of your product, ready to be displayed ad infinitum on Omi!

2 - Customise everything you want

With Omi, you're the photographer. Easily craft scenes, switch backgrounds, and insert objects. Adjust product size, position, and camera angles with a few clicks. Customise your scene limitlessly: add textures, and accessories, tweak lighting, and even perfect reflections on your product

3 - Generate realistic visuals

When your scene is ready, export it as a photo or ultra-realistic 3D video - in just one click and with no need for any special equipment, everything is done on our servers. A photo takes less than 2 minutes to generate, and a video takes less than 10 minutes.

With, you can:

  • Model your product catalog in photorealistic 3D;

  • Generate endless product staging options;

  • Generate product photos and videos in just a few clicks from your browser;

  • Automate your content generation with product photo and video packshots;

  • offers advanced integrations with Facebook, Shopify, Pexels.

💡 Don't wait any longer, "Sign up and use our demo account" today to discover the difference in your content creation workflow 🙌

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