Modify the reflections on my product

What is the purpose of the reflections on my product and how can I change them?

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Here's a YouTube video that explains how lights and reflections work

on your scene and with your 3D models.

Here's a YouTube video that explains how to choose the perfect color
for your product packshot.

Reflections are the elements that will be reflected on your product. Depending on the material of the product, reflections can be more or less intense. For example, glass reflects a lot, whereas matt plastic or wood does not. As with lighting, it is possible to modify the reflections visible on the product.

The elements that affect reflections are :

Objects in the scene

Depending on the distance of the elements in your scene, they will naturally be reflected on your product.

To change them, you need to move your product or the objects present.

Background and floor (even the floor is reflected in the product)

The light

Depending on the intensity and direction of the light, it will strike the product differently. And therefore create different reflections:

Capture+d’écran+2023-06-29+à+17.03.01.png (786×210)

The environment around the product

In this photo you can see the reflections of the environment around the product: the elements of a kitchen.

Capture+d’écran+2023-06-29+à+17.03.34.png (786×215)

Choosing reflections in Omi

In the design studio > left menu > Reflections ☁️

⚠️ Reflections do not appear with Photo 360° backgrounds. Reflections are not modifiable with Photo 360° backgrounds, as they are automatically pre-set to guarantee the photo-realism of your rendering with the background you have chosen.

Here are some examples of reflections. The sphere represents a product and gives a clear idea of the reflections that apply to it.

Abstract 5

Untitled.png (2560×1440)

Abstract 6

Untitled+(1).png (2560×1440)

Blue ambiance, overhead lighting

Untitled+(2).png (2560×1440)


Gray base, top lighting

Gray base, blue top lighting

Untitled+(5).png (2560×1440)

Jewel 01

Jewel 02

Jewel 03

Jewel 05

Jewel 06

Jewel 07

Untitled+(11).png (2560×1440)

Jewel 08

White to gray

Untitled+(13).png (2560×1440)

Beauty shops

Untitled+(14).png (2560×1440)


Untitled+(16).png (2560×1440)


Untitled+(17).png (2560×1440)

Outdoor cottage

Untitled+(18).png (2560×1440)

Indoor cottage

Untitled+(19).png (2560×1440)


Untitled+(20).png (2560×1440)

Baby rooms

Untitled+(21).png (2560×1440)

Children's rooms

Untitled+(22).png (2560×1440)

Field 2

Untitled+(23).png (2560×1440)


Untitled+(24).png (2560×1440)

Warm, front and rear lighting

Untitled+(25).png (2560×1440)

Sky 1

Untitled+(26).png (2560×1440)

Sky 2

Untitled+(27).png (2560×1440)

Sky 3

Untitled+(28).png (2560×1440)

Sky 5

Untitled+(29).png (2560×1440)

Sky 6

Untitled+(30).png (2560×1440)

Sky 7

Untitled+(31).png (2560×1440)

Sky 7bis

Untitled+(32).png (2560×1440)

Sky 8

Untitled+(33).png (2560×1440)

Summer sky


Untitled+(35).png (2560×1440)

Tennis court

Modern kitchens

Untitled+(37).png (2560×1440)

Forest 1

Untitled+(38).png (2560×1440)

Autumn forest 1

Untitled+(39).png (2560×1440)

Autumn forest 2

Untitled+(40).png (2560×1440)

Haunted forest 2

Untitled+(41).png (2560×1440)

Winter forest

Untitled+(42).png (2560×1440)

Waterfront 1

Untitled+(43).png (2560×1440)

Waterfront 2

Untitled+(44).png (2560×1440)

Christmas interior 1

Untitled+(45).png (2560×1440)

Christmas interior 2

Untitled+(46).png (2560×1440)

Desaturated interior, not very bright

Untitled+(47).png (2560×1440)

Bohemians interiors

Untitled+(48).png (2560×1440)

Modern interiors 1

Untitled+(49).png (2560×1440)

Modern interiors 2

Untitled+(50).png (2560×1440)

Parisian interiors

Untitled+(51).png (2560×1440)

Studio interiors 1

Untitled+(52).png (2560×1440)

Studio interiors 2

Untitled+(53).png (2560×1440)

Friendly gardens

Untitled+(54).png (2560×1440)

Yellow to blue

Untitled+(55).png (2560×1440)


Untitled+(56).png (2560×1440)


Untitled+(57).png (2560×1440)

Low right light, soft drop shadow

Untitled+(58).png (2560×1440)

Lights on the sides and in front

Untitled+(59).png (2560×1440)

Country house

Untitled+(60).png (2560×1440)


Untitled+(61).png (2560×1440)

Nature 6

Untitled+(62).png (2560×1440)

Black to gray

Untitled+(63).png (2560×1440)

Open parking, rear and side lighting

Untitled+(64).png (2560×1440)


Untitled+(65).png (2560×1440)

Pharmacy 2

Untitled+(66).png (2560×1440)


Untitled+(67).png (2560×1440)


Untitled+(68).png (2560×1440)

Metallic reflection

Untitled+(69).png (2560×1440)


Untitled+(70).png (2560×1440)

Operating rooms

Untitled+(71).png (2560×1440)

Bathrooms 1

Untitled+(72).png (2560×1440)

Bathrooms 2

Untitled+(74).png (2560×1440)

Bathrooms 4

Untitled+(75).png (2560×1440)

Fitness rooms

Untitled+(76).png (2560×1440)

Sport halls

Modern living rooms

Untitled+(78).png (2560×1440)

Studio 28

Untitled+(79).png (1050×579)

Studio packshot

Untitled+(80).png (2560×1440)

Photo studio

Untitled+(81).png (2560×1440)


Untitled+(82).png (2560×1440)


Untitled+(83).png (2560×1440)
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