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New Feature: Animated Lights
New Feature: Animated Lights

Create new videos by animating the lights in your scene

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The new Omi feature allows you to create a new animation using the movements of the selected light.


Step 1: Create your scene

  1. Go to your Omi account

  2. Click on the template of your choice

  3. Model your scene to reflect your product (for more help on creating your renders, click here)

Step 2: Add animated lights

Once your scene is created, you can add the light:

  1. Click on "Lights" in the menu on the left

  2. Then click on "Animated" at the top

  3. Select the light you want

💡 Omi Tips :

Hover your mouse over the different lights to preview them

Step 3: Choose the light you want to use

The different lights available:

Opening (animated) :

Strips (animated) :

Checker (animated) :

Window (animated) :

Bright (animated) :

Diffuse (animated) :

Rotation (animated) :

Shelving (animated) :

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