Lights on a Flat Background

An overview of each light with visual examples. Find the right lighting for the product and its material on a plain background.

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Here's a YouTube video that explains how lights and reflections work

on your scene and with your 3D models.

​Here's a YouTube video that explains how to choose the best color for your renders.

In this article, you'll find an overview of how lights look on plain backgrounds, with a few examples to illustrate.

If you would like to find out more about the lights to choose for all backgrounds, their different moods, and their recommended product material pairings, please consult the dedicated article on our Omi Help Center.

For information, if you want to use the Plain Background, you need to :

  • Click on the background of your scene and select the "Plain Background" category:

  • You can use the color wheel to change the background color as needed.

  • You can also choose to keep the shadow or remove it by unchecking this box :

Indeed, on scenes with Plain Background, lights react differently from scenes on 3D Background.

A 3D background is realistic and includes shading and reflections on the background itself. The Plain Background is uniform and does not reflect anything.

This feature allows for a uniform and homogeneous color background where the lights do not reflect.

Plain Background with “Default” light

3D Background with “Default” light


Here are illustrations and explanations of the following lights on the Plain Background:

  • Left shadow

  • Diffused overview

  • Default

  • Standard

  • Right Shadow

  • Studio

  • Diffuse

  • Mineral

Left shadow - Globally illuminated product

Diffused overview - Product mainly lit from the right

Default - Shade extended to the left

Standard - Very little shadow and product lit from the left

Right shadow - Short shadow

Studio - Product illuminated on the left and right with no shadow

Diffuse - Product mainly lit from the left, short light shadow to the right

Mineral - Bright product with short, soft shadow

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