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New feature: Generate textures using artificial intelligence
New feature: Generate textures using artificial intelligence

Generate your own unique texture thanks to artificial intelligence

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Can't find the right texture for your background and floor?

You can use artificial intelligence to generate a custom texture that can be applied to :

  • The background of your scene

  • The floor of your scene

  • Customizable accessories

Step 1: Go to the Omi studio

  1. Go to Omi

  2. Click on the template of your choice

  3. Select a project in which to store your new scene

  4. Then click on "Create".

Step 2: Show the AI texture

  1. Click on the background or floor of your scene

  2. A menu appears on your left, select "AI texture" at the top

You can choose between two types of texture:

  • Simple mode, by clicking on the “Create” tab and choosing from the main texture themes

  • Advanced mode, by clicking on “Switch to advanced mode” below “Generate texture”.

💡Omi tip:

You can find all generated textures in the "Generated" tab.

Step 3: Generate your texture

  • Simple mode:

  1. Select a texture from the main themes shown

  2. Click on "Generate texture"

  • Advanced mode :

  1. Click on "Switch to advanced mode".

  2. Enter your keywords in the small text box

  3. Click on "Generate texture".

💡Omi tip:

if you don't like the proposed texture, you can click on "Generate" again to get a new proposal.

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