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New feature: the advance camera
New feature: the advance camera

Orient your camera infinitely within your scene.

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You can now have an infinitely variable camera to manage your scene's angles and shots.

This camera is available on all "new" templates and "start from scratch" templates, and will soon be available on all templates!

  • Templates marked "new"

  • Templates marked "Start from scratch"

How to access this new camera :

  1. Open a scene on the Omi platform

  2. Click on the "Camera" tab in the menu on the left of your screen

  3. Select the "Advance" camera

What features does this camera have?

  • This camera has no limits under the ground, and it is possible to have a low-angle view

Please note that if you go under the floor, and you haven't made the floor transparent, you won't be able to see your product.

How do I do this?

  • Click on the floor

  • Go to Textures

  • Choose "Transparent"

  • This camera lets you zoom out and in almost infinitely.

  • This camera lets you change the angle of view of your scene so that you can stand above it and place your models and library assets easily.

  • The following icon allows you to move your camera sideways

This will change the camera's point of focus, like a kind of travelling shot, to bring out different viewpoints of your scene.

If you make a wrong camera movement, simply click on the Camera Reset button to restore the basic camera preset ↓

This preset is the same as the Basic camera!

Here are the infinite possibilities offered by Camera Advance for your renders ↓

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