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Which templates to use for multiple products?
Which templates to use for multiple products?

This article explains which templates to use when you want to add several products to the same scene.

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Some Templates are created specifically to add multiple products to the same scene. These Templates can be useful for presenting several products from the same range.

Step 1: Choose your Template

  • In the Templates gallery, select the Abstracts category.

    This collection contains many Templates with podiums for presenting multiple products.

Step 2: Place your products

  • Select your products and place them on the pedestal.

And here's the final result!

Here is a selection of Templates we recommend for various products:

  • Abstract 102

  • Abstract 92

  • Abstract 81

  • Abstract 72

  • Abstract 57

  • Abstract 49

  • Abstract 52

  • Lifestyle 06

  • Piedestals under water reflections

  • etc...

💡 Little Tips:

  • Here's how to swap your products in a scene. This allows you to swap your product in the scene while keeping the same dimensions of the product and your scene (lights, reflections, added elements etc.) in just a few clicks without having to completely rework the scene.

  • Alignment tools: to position your products with Omi's studio in just two clicks.

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