How to use the Template Room?

This article explains everything you can do in the Template Room.

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With Omi, you can now create a scene in a living room from scratch. Everything is customizable! So you can customize the walls, the viewing angle, the furniture in the room, and even the complaints and door handles 🚪🌟

  1. From the Omi home page, click on Templates in the left-hand menu.

  2. Go to the Start from scratch category, select the template: Room

  3. Once in the 3D Studio, here are the elements you can modify:

  • The color of walls :

    • Click on the wall

    • Choose a color or texture

  • The color of the ceiling :

    • Click on the ceilling

    • Choose a color or texture

  • The Floor covering :

    • Click on the floor covering

    • Choose a color or texture

  • The wall's complaints :

    • Click on the wall's complaints

    • Choose a color or texture

  • The door handle :

    • Click on the door handle

    • Choose a color or texture

  • The landscape behind the window :

    • Click on the landscape

    • Modify landscape if necessary

    • Hold down the arrow and move from right to left to change landscape orientation

  • The Furniture in the room :

    • Click on Assets

    • Choose furniture: by typing in the search bar or a furniture collection is available to help you.

  • The lights :

    • Click on Lights

    • Select Late Afternoon or Room Default

    • Change light orientation with Rotation X or Rotation Y

And here's the result:

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