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Understanding cameras
Set up and orientate/position the camera
Set up and orientate/position the camera

New ! All cameras can now be configured

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Read our article to learn how to use the Video Camera.

I - Camera settings :

The camera setting allows you to take still images of your product in a perfect setting.

Cameras allow you to change the angle from which you see the product, like a virtual photographer.

In the left-hand menu, go to Cameras :

  • Click on the tab 📷 Photo

  • Choose a camera category: Top or Front.

  • Preview the camera by hovering your mouse over it

  • Select the camera by clicking on it, e.g. High

II - Aiming the camera

Freestyle camera movement is now possible with all cameras in all scenes (except Rooms):

  • Zoom in and out in your scene

  • Tilt the camera in your scene

  • Tilt the camera left or right

Move the camera within the scene :

To move around the scene using the camera, follow these instructions:

  • Hold down the right click (on your mouse or trackpad)

  • Move around the scene

Zoom in and out on your product :

To get closer to your product, you can move the camera forward or backwards.

To do this, you can:

  • 🖱With the mouse:

    • use the mouse wheel

  • 💻 With the Trackpad

    • Slide up/down with two fingers

Tilt the Camera :

The last movement you can make with the camera is to tilt your scene horizontally.

To do this, you can perform the following functions:

  • Right-click and hold

  • Vertical movement on the right-hand side of the working view

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