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How to get started on Omi
To start: Add a product on Omi
To start: Add a product on Omi

Each physical product is modelled by a 3D artist to guarantee its realism.

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For photo-realistic modelling, Omi's team of 3D artists create bespoke models for each product.

The average modelling time is 2 weeks. Although if urgent, it is possible to place an Express order to obtain the model in just a few days (at an additional credit cost).

Already a customer? This tutorial explains in detail how to place an order with Omi.

The steps involved in modelling are as follows:

1) Register on the platform

To get a 3D artist to model your product, you need to release credits:

2) Order the 3D product

The order is placed directly in the Omi app, Modelling tab.

You will need to send us 🧾️ .AI or .PDF files of all the labels and graphics on the product.

See this article to find out which file formats are accepted.

3) Sending the physical product

The 3D artist requires the real product, as they use an advanced suite of tools to capture every surface of the product. The artist then adds all the textures and reflections that would not be possible with only product photos. 


The 3D artist uses advanced tools to capture every surface of the real product and enhance it with textures and reflections that aren't achievable with just photos

Once the order has been placed (step 2), the postal address appears so that the products can be sent. We receive and store the products in our Paris or UK offices.

4) The 3D product is ready!

As soon as the product has been polished by our artists, the approval process takes place directly in the app, under Modelling > Versions for approval.

The 3D product can be viewed from a number of different angles. Two feedback passes are included for sending us feedback and modelling requests.

5) Validate the 3D product

A 1-click button is used to validate.

The 3D product will then be made available in your Omi space.

To get started, click here to Create an account!

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