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Prepare the label files for your product
Prepare the label files for your product

Learn how to prepare the label files and graphics on your product for 3D modelling.

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When you order a 3D model of a product from Omi, you will need to provide us with files of all the graphic elements present on your product so that we can accurately model it. These elements are most frequently :

  • The front and back labels of your product;

  • Any graphic element present on your product (silkscreen, inlay, seal, hot stamping, embossing...).

These files, commonly known as label or décor files, are essential for the realistic modelling of your product.

For example, in the case of this bottle, we need the file for the front label and the file for the label on the cap.

Which file formats must be used?

Please note that your source file must be of good quality to vectorize it and obtain a qualitative render on your 3D model!

To obtain the best possible modelling, the files for the graphic elements present on your product must be supplied to us in one of the following formats:

  • .AI: .AI files are native Adobe Illustrator files.

  • .PDF vectorized: This file must have been exported using vectorization software.

  • .EPS or .SVG are also suitable

Whatever file format you use, Omi needs you to perform two essential operations to be able to use your files:

  • You need to vectorize your fonts in your file;

  • Graphic elements (images, logos, etc.) must be incorporated into your file.

How to export your files in 2 minutes

Step 1 - Open Adobe Illustrator (a free version is available at this link)

Step 2 - Vectorize the text and fonts in your file:

  • Load your file into Adobe Illustrator

  • Select the text to be vectorized

  • Go to Text at the top of the screen, click on Vectorize

Congratulations, you've now vectorized the text and fonts in your file!

Step 3 - Attach graphic elements (illustrations, images, logos, etc.) to your file :

  • On Adobe Illustrator, go to Window, Links

  • A window appears listing the various visual elements imported into your document

  • From the list, select the files you wish to incorporate, click on the 3 horizontal parallel bars in the top right-hand corner of the interface, and select incorporate image.

  • Save your file

Congratulations, your file is now ready!
Upload it when you order your 3D model on Omi.

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