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How do you place an order to model your products using a physical product VS photo references?
How do you place an order to model your products using a physical product VS photo references?

The purpose of this article is to explain the difference between modelling from a physical product and modelling from photo references.

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For photorealistic modelling, Omi employs a team of 3D Artists who model each product to order. The average modelling time is 2 weeks.

Here is an article that will help you place your first order in detail.

At Omi, you can choose to model your products by sending us your physical products to our offices or by sending us compliant images to start the 3D modelling process.

To do this:

  1. Go to your "modelling" tab to place an order.

  2. When you place your order (step 3), you will be able to choose a model based on a physical product or on photos.

Modelling from a physical product

If you are modelling a physical product, you need to tick the "model a product with a physical product" box and then press the submit button in the bottom right-hand corner.

You will then need to send your product to our premises in Paris:

Omi - 45 rue de la chaussée d'Antin 75009 Paris.

⚠️ For our English-speaking customers, please contact our support team at so that we can give you the address of our offices in England where you can send us your physical products.

How do you get your products back once the 3D modelling is complete?

You have two options for collecting your products:

  • Pick them up at our office (by appointment only)

  • Send a Chronopost return slip with pick-up at the office via chat or e-mail to your CSM.


If your order has been modeled for more than three months, we have removed your products from stock.

Modelling from photos

If you want to model a product using photos, tick the "model a product using a photo" box, "upload your photos" in the space provided, then press "Submit" in the bottom right-hand corner.

For this option, we need :

  • 6 sides of your product

⚠️ Please note! We need images of each side of the product, without perspective, on textures, zooming in on important elements and with neutral light that doesn't affect the colour of the product.

  • We need a complete brief to be able to model your product correctly.

⚠️ Please note! Your 3D modelling will only start once we have received your order in full, i.e. :

  • Modelling based on a physical product: physical product received + vectorised label file.

  • Modelling from photos: the 6 compliant photos of your product + full brief + vectorised label file.

Here's an article to help you prepare your label files.

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