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Post-production: adjust your renders
Post-production: adjust your renders

Discover through this article post-production and its tab for adjusting your images!

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This article explains how to modify and improve a photo rendering.

This action is called post-production.

To understand how to generate a photo, click on this article.

Article Summary

Step 1: What is the EDIT feature?

The EDIT feature is unlimited. Each rendering can be improved and modified.

Here is an example of post-production:

Without Edit

With Edit

You can save your modifications to reuse them and export your renderings in different formats (.PNG, .JPEG, .PDF, .WEBP).

Step 2: How to find the EDIT feature?

You have two possibilities to find the Edit feature:

Option 1:

  • Go to your project

  • Click on your renderings

  • Click on the rendering you wish to edit

Option 2:

  • Click on the "Renders" tab

  • Click on the rendering you wish to edit

Step 3: How to Adjust your render?

Image cropping allows you to cut and resize your images to achieve the desired composition. Whether it's about eliminating distractions, focusing on specific subjects or adjusting ratios, the cropping function allows you to refine your images with precision and ease.

  • Cropping and resizing: Cut out unwanted areas of your images and resize them to fit the desired dimensions.

  • Straightening and rotation: Correct skewed horizons and adjust the orientation of your images using straightening and rotation tools, so they are perfectly aligned.

  • Non-destructive editing: Preserve the original data of the image when making adjustments, allowing you to experiment freely without fear of losing valuable information.

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