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Post-production : Retouch your renders
Post-production : Retouch your renders

Discover through this article post-production and its tab to touch up your images!

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This article explains how to modify and enhance a photo render.

This action is called post-production.

To understand how to generate a photo, click on this article.

Article Summary

Step 1: What is the EDIT function?

The EDIT function is unlimited. Each render can be improved and modified.

Here is an example of post-production:

Without Edit

With Edit

You can save your changes for reuse and export your renders in different formats (.PNG, .JEPG, .PDF, .WEBP).

Step 2: How to find the EDIT function?

You have two options to find the Edit feature:

Option 1:

  • Go to your project

  • Click on your renders

  • Click on the render you want to edit

Option 2:

  • Click on the "Renders" tab

  • Click on the render you want to edit

Step 3: How to retouch your render?

Image adjustment allows you to refine your images with precision. Whether it's improving brightness, adjusting contrast, or fine-tuning colors, these tools offer you the flexibility needed to transform your images according to your creative vision.

The ADJUST screen is displayed by default with all available settings. Move the gauge to modify a setting or enter a precise value.


The categories of parameters to modify:

  • Brightness

  • Saturation

  • Contrast

  • Highlights

  • Shadows

  • Whites

  • Blacks

  • Temperature

  • Gamma

  • Clarity

  • Exposure

  • Sharpness


Increase or decrease the brightness of the image. Reducing brightness can increase contrast without overexposing the image.


Increase or decrease the saturation of colors.


Increase or decrease the contrast of colors.


Increase or decrease the strength of highlights.


Increase or decrease the strength of shadows.


Increase and decrease the white balance.


Increase or decrease the black balance.


Increase or reduce the amount of blue and red in the image.


Increase or reduce the balance between whites and blacks.


Increase or decrease the clarity of the image.


Increase or decrease the intensity of light.


Make the image smoother or the details more visible.

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