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Post-produce a photo: adding text
Post-produce a photo: adding text

Discover post-production and its tab to add text through this article!

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This article explains how to modify and improve a photo rendering.

This action is called post-production.

To understand how to generate a photo, click on this article.

Article Summary

Step 1: What is the EDIT feature?

The EDIT feature is unlimited. Each rendering can be improved and modified.

Here is an example of post-production:

Without Edit

With Edit

You can save your changes for reuse and export your renders in different formats (.PNG, .JPEG, .PDF, .WEBP).

Step 2: How to find the EDIT feature?

You have two possibilities to find the Edit feature:

Option 1:

  • Go to your project

  • Click on your renders

  • Click on the render you want to edit

Option 2:

  • Click on the "Renders" tab

  • Click on the render you want to edit

Step 3: How to add text?

Text editing allows you to add textual elements to your images.

You can especially add your logo or your brand image.

Font selection: Choose from a wide library of fonts to find the perfect style for your text. You can also upload your own fonts to further customize your creations.

💡 You can download your own font with a file in format:

.ttf, .otf, .woff or .woff2.

Your downloaded font will be available for your entire organization.

  • Text customization: Adapt the text to your taste by adjusting the size, color, alignment, and rotation of the font.

  • Text alignment: Align the text horizontally or vertically in your image.

  • Color palette: Access a wide range of colors and gradients to customize the text color.

  • Rotation control: Rotate the text at any angle to achieve dynamic layouts and creative designs.

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