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What is an Omi licence?

Our licence includes unlimited photos and a price based on the number of products. Plus options like a 360° Viewer and unlimited videos!

Accessing your Omi Licence is very simple :

  1. A 3D Artist models your products

Modelling will take 2 weeks.

3. Stage your product in our studio and start creating!

Pricing and billing


💸 The price of the Licence depends on the number of products you wish to have modelled by our 3D Artists. Of course, the price will also vary according to the extras, such as 360° Viewer, you choose.

  • Please note: the overall price per item decreases with the number of products added.


💸 Payment options include

→ Monthly payment with an annual commitment.

→ Annual payment in ONE installment, which allows you to benefit from a reduction of 10% of the total price of the licence with an ANNUAL commitment.

You can also find your invoices on your Omi account in "My Account" and then in "Billing".

Licence duration & renewal

⏳ By subscribing, you commit yourself for one year to the Omi licence, and this commitment is automatically renewed each year on the anniversary date of your licence.

⏳ However, you can cancel the renewal at any time from your Omi account settings (My Account > Licence > Cancel licence).

FYI: You can also increase the number of products to model and applicable modules before your renewal.

Licence modification

🔄 During your licence, you'll always have the option of adding products or options directly on the Omi platform.

Please note that each option/product addition applies until the end of the current licence.

Intellectual Property

Please note that YOU own all rights to your photo and video renderings created on Omi, and Omi remains the owner of the 3D models.

Options at Omi

Videos and animations

✨ Omi offers videos and 3D animations that promise to create professional-looking videos that will help you grow your community and attract a bigger audience!

  • +49% increase in conversion rate

  • 4x fewer order returns

  • 8x the time spent on the product sheet

360° Viewer

✨ The 360° viewer is our most impressive tool that will boost your performance

  • +38% on average viewing rate

  • +32% on the engagement rate

  • +47% on average basket

= a revolutionary addition to an interactive experience.

Visit this article to find out more about Omi's 360° viewer.

Here's what's included in ALL Omi licences:

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