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Create a levitating product animation
Create a levitating product animation

2-axis product rotation, animated product video, reproduce Mastel video

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Here are the steps to follow to make this pretty 3D animation!

Step 1: Place the product in the scene, adapt its scale (tool number 2) and centre it (tool number 8).

Capture+d’écran+2023-04-14+à+17.59.32.png (1880×1000)

Step 2: The product must rotate on a fixed vertical axis. You will therefore need to add a second element to the floor on which this rotation will be based.

  • Add a Podium (here "flat cylinder") from the Bookshop

  • Centre the product using the "Overhead" photo camera to get a good view of the top surface (See this article to find out how to find the right camera)

Capture+d’écran+2023-04-14+à+18.00.46.png (1878×1022)

Step 3: Levitate the product (tool number 6) then tilt it slightly (tool number 4)

Capture+d’écran+2023-04-14+à+18.04.03.png (1862×1184)

Step 4: Select the podium and animate it by selecting the "360 Linear" 3D animation in the menu that opens on the left.

Step 5: Make the catwalk invisible to create a WAOUH effect ✨

Select the podium, go to "Textures" and choose "Transparent".

Capture+d’écran+2023-04-14+à+18.22.23.png (2940×1430)

That's it, the product is levitating and animating on several axes!

The last step is to click on "Generate a video" and choose the rotation time for the product (see this article to help you choose the right video duration for the desired animation speed).

Here's a video tutorial on how to levitate your product with our 3D Artist Prana (you can follow the video with YouTube subtitles).

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