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Post-producing a photo
Post-producing a photo

Change the colours, make the product whiter, increase the contrast and edit my photo.

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This article explains how to modify and improve a photo rendering. This action is called post-production.

To understand how to generate a photo, click on this article.

Once generated, a photo can be quickly edited with just a few clicks. No need to return to the scene to generate another photo! The EDIT function is unlimited and costs no credit.

The EDIT function is unlimited. Every rendering can be improved and modified, without spending any credit.

Here's an example of post-production:

Find the EDIT function

Click on the parameters of the generated photo and then on EDIT.

The ADJUST screen is displayed by default with all the parameters available. Move the gauge to modify a parameter or enter a value directly.

Capture+d’écran+2023-02-27+à+11.42.37.png (2454×1222)

Contents :

Categories of parameters to modify :

  • Brightness

  • Contrast

  • Saturation

  • Gamma

  • Clarity

  • Shadows

  • Highlights

  • Exposure

  • Blacks

  • Whites

  • Temperature

  • Sharpness


Increase or reduce the brightness of the image. Reducing the brightness increases contrast without overexposing the image.

Capture+d’écran+2023-02-27+à+12.12.39.png (1512×280)


Increase or reduce colour contrast.

Capture+d’écran+2023-02-27+à+12.15.51.png (1458×266)


Increase or reduce colour saturation.

Capture+d’écran+2023-02-27+à+12.18.08.png (1740×316)


Increase or reduce the balance between whites and blacks.

Capture+d’écran+2023-02-27+à+12.21.34.png (1420×258)


Increase or reduce the clarity of the image.

Capture+d’écran+2023-02-27+à+12.29.13.png (1712×310)


Increase or reduce the strength of shadows.

Capture+d’écran+2023-02-27+à+12.33.52.png (1426×268)


Increase or reduce the strength of the highlights.

Capture+d’écran+2023-02-27+à+12.39.39.png (1638×296)


Increase or reduce light intensity.

Capture+d’écran+2023-02-27+à+12.45.22+(1).png (1628×300)


Increase or reduce the black balance.

Capture+d’écran+2023-02-27+à+14.40.46.png (1628×296)


Increase and decrease white balance.

Capture+d’écran+2023-02-27+à+15.32.45.png (1630×302)


Increase or reduce the amount of blue and red in the image.

Capture+d’écran+2023-02-27+à+15.35.45.png (1630×300)


Make the image smoother or details more visible.

Capture+d’écran+2023-02-27+à+15.38.30.png (1628×300)


The FOCUS tab is used to adjust the focus on certain elements of the image.

Capture+d’écran+2023-02-27+à+12.05.47.png (1442×672)

This is the FOCUS Radial with a focus intensity of 20 :

Capture+d’écran+2023-02-27+à+15.40.37.png (2326×1154)


Once you have made your changes, click on EXPORT IMAGE.

Capture+d’écran+2023-02-27+à+15.42.52.png (1396×660)
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