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Provide feedback on my 3D model
Provide feedback on my 3D model

The product has been modeled by a 3D Artist. How do I inspect the model? What to pay attention to? How do I give feedback?

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If you'd like a 3D Artist to model your product in 3D, go to this article to find out how to place an order.

The 3D product is ready!

As soon as the product has been modelled by our 3D Artists, you'll receive photos to inspect and validate.

In the left-hand menu, go to the Modelling tab > Versions for approval > Continue with the arrow.

The visuals enable the product to be viewed from a number of different angles; a preview with a light background and another with a dark background, for example, will enable the new 3D model to be seen in a number of different situations. It's the same 3D model, presented on different backgrounds.

🔦 Help with inspecting the 3D model :

Our 3D Artists are modelling experts. The majority of models are validated from the very first version. However, here's a guide to methodically inspecting a 3D model:

  1. 🧱️ Product shape first

  2. 🧶 Product appearance second (colour, texture, shine...)

More precisely, proceed step by step:

  • Directly compare the photos to be inspected with your physical product if possible (place it on a white background when viewing the white background preview, for example).

  • Observe the shape: does it conform to reality? If there's a plug, is it the right size? The right curve?

  • Is the label or decoration correctly positioned on the model?

  • Zoom in to see all the details;

  • Observe the material: does the texture seem real?

  • Is the color sufficiently saturated? Is the contrast realistic?

  • Please note that reflections on the model and shadows depend on the camera and lighting chosen: you can modify them infinitely in Omi! There's no need to provide feedback on this point.

Here's a YouTube video (English subtitles available) that explains how lights and reflections work on your scene and with your 3D models.

  • Please note that the colours of your labels are those provided in your file. If you notice a difference with your physical product, it may be due to the material on which the label is printed. This is because colours react differently depending on the material, and render differently on plastic or glass; so the same Pantone colour won't give exactly the same result if printed on cardboard or plastic. This can be modified once on request, provided you designate a single reference that the 3D Artist will replicate: the physical product or the pantone.

Giving feedback

Once the inspection is complete, follow these steps if you have any comments:

  • Write your message to the right of the preview

  • Add any useful attachments

  • Send via the Send button. Please take your time to write your comment*.

⚠️ Once your message has been sent, you must click on Reject to get another version. So that the artists can offer you a new version on Omi.

*Two feedback passes are included with each model for your feedback.

Validate 3D model

Click on Validate.

The 3D model will then be made available in your Omi space within 48 hours.

Please note that once the model has been validated, any modification request will require a new order.

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