Produce a video or animation

Set up a video export (camera movement or product animation), choose the right duration and download the video.

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An animation is used to apply a movement to the product itself, for example a 360° rotation.

A video is used to apply movement to the camera in the Scene, around the product, for example a "Panning" movement.

Both are available for export in video format. To choose an animation or a video, go to this article!

Export settings

  1. Choose Video and/or Animation (see this article)

  2. Click on Resize in the control bar at the bottom of the screen

  3. Choose the desired final format by clicking on the corresponding ratio (Portrait, Landscape, Instagram Story, etc.). The number of credits used to render the video or animation depends on the format and resolution chosen.

  4. Click on Generate a Video at the top right of the screen

  5. Choose the length of the video using the slider (see help at the bottom of the page)

  6. Name the rendering so that you can find it easily in your Projects

  7. Click on Generate

  8. Leave the scene, the Omi servers will do the rest and you'll receive your video in 10 minutes!

Choosing the length of the video

A video camera moves from point A to point B. The choice of duration modifies the speed at which this movement takes place. The camera movement therefore remains the same, but :

  • 🐇 The shorter the duration, the faster the camera movement.

  • 🐢 Conversely, the longer the duration, the slower the camera movement.

The duration of the animation we see by default, when the cameras fly over, is 4 seconds.

Below are two other examples, to compare a render lasting 2 seconds versus 8 seconds;

🐇 The 2 second animation will be four times faster, as the camera moves quickly :

🐢 The 8-second animation will be slow, with the camera moving in slow motion :

Download the video

  1. An email notification is sent as soon as the rendering is generated

  2. Go to CREATE > Photos & Videos, click on the project and then on the Videos tab

  3. Click on the "..." at the bottom right of the video > Download

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