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How do I add the Omi application to my Shopify account?
How do I add the Omi application to my Shopify account?

Synchronise your Shopify application with your Omi account

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It is now possible to integrate the Omi application directly into your Shopify account. This will allow you to easily insert all of Omi's visuals, videos and 360° viewers. Click here to see how it works.


How do I connect the Omi application to my Shopify account?

  1. Log in to your Omi account

  2. Click on the three small dots at the top left, then click on "Organisation settings"

  3. Click on "Integration" then "+connect" in the Shopify frame

  4. Copy your account's private key using the button on the right of the eye

  5. Click on "Shopify application" to connect to the Shopify log in page

  6. Enter the "name of your shop" under Shop domain then click on "Log in"

7. Read the permissions that appear and if everything is OK, press "install" in the bottom right-hand corner.

Once installed, you will be redirected to the Omi onboarding plug in Shopify

8. Select your language and theme, then press "start" in the bottom right-hand corner.

9. Press "Add extension theme" (green square) to display the 360° viewers

Important! Even if you don't have a 360 viewer on your Omi account, please don't skip this step 9 :)

A new page will open (see below)

10. Press "Add block" at bottom left

11. Click on "Application" then "Omi viewer"

12. Press "Save" in the top right-hand corner

You can now close this page and return to the previous one

13. Press "Next"

14. Paste the private key you copied in step 4 into ‘Private API Key’ and then press "Connect to Omi"

💡 Omi Tips 💡

If you forgot to copy your key at the beginning of the procedure, go back to your Omi account and copy the key again.

The list of products on your Shopify shop appears.

  • You can search for your products by name or filter them.

15. Select the product you want from the list, then press the small square next to the photo of your product

You have access to all your visuals, videos and Omi 360 viewers!

16. Once you have chosen your visuals, press "Add" at the bottom right.

And here's the result!

Press "Preview" in the top right-hand corner to see the final result on your website!

Check that your Shopify account is synchronised with your Omi account and add a new shop

Please follow these steps:

  1. Go back to your Omi account settings. You can then see that your account is successfully synced with Shopify (see below👇)

  2. Add a new shop by going back to your Omi account settings (see video above 👇) and press ‘+ New shop’.

  3. Repeat all the previous steps

Good to know!

Everything is synchronised, so any changes made from your Omi account or your Shopify Store will have an immediate impact on your online shop.

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