New feature: Advanced Lights

Direct the light as you wish on your product

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Do you like a certain light but it's not directed the way you want it?

You can now move the light spot vertically and horizontally on your product to manage reflections and label legibility.

This feature is available on all studio lights and all templates!

To access these new lights :

  1. Open a scene on the Omi platform

  2. Click on the "Light" tab in the menu on the left of your screen

  3. Select the light you want

Once one of these lights has been selected, 2 progress bars are displayed: X rotation and Y rotation.

  • X rotation: lets you move the light on a horizontal axis. You can turn the light spot from left to right by moving the progress bar.

  • Y rotation: lets you turn the light on a vertical axis. You can move the light spot up and down by moving the progress bar.

Here are two renders with the same light oriented differently with default light :

Example in the Room template

The Room template represents a 360° room that you can customize from floor to ceiling.

There are two lights in this template, but you can configure them according to the X and Y axes.

Here are two examples with the template's two lights

oriented differently :

  • Late Afternoon

  • Room Default


Here's a YouTube video that explains how lights and reflections work on

your scene and with your 3D models.

Here's a YouTube video that explains how to choose the best color for your renders.

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