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Modelling a variation of my product (open / closed / other)
Modelling a variation of my product (open / closed / other)

This article explains how to model a variation of your product (open / closed)

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For photo-realistic modelling, Omi employs 3D Artists who bespokely model each product. The average modelling time is 2 weeks.

You can model your product in several formats (open / closed / other).

One shape equals one order.

We will start by modelling an initial product shape. We will ask you to validate it before modelling the product in the other desired format. This allows us to offer you a product that meets your expectations, which can then be adapted to other formats.

The first step is to place an order with Omi :

  1. In the last step, specify the presentation of your product and click on Add my product at the bottom of the page

💡Name the products using a nomenclature to find them easily. For example "Range - Product - Format".

2. The second part of the order starts, name the second product version. Add my product to save.

3. Continue the operation until the order is complete.

4. Confirm the order.

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