Resize my scene

Choose the export format, the ratio of the visual and its quality according to the final use (eCommerce site, social networks, etc.)

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Resizing your scene means choosing the right ratio for the support targeted (eCommerce site, social networks, print, etc.), and in particular portrait versus landscape orientation.

We recommend that you size your scene as soon as you create it.

Resize the scene

To resize a scene before generating a photo/video :

  1. Click on Resize in the toolbar

  2. Choose the desired ratio from the list

  3. The working window is immediately resized

Depending on the chosen resizing, it may be necessary to move the products within the scene so that they appear within their frame.

Photo or Video?

The choice of Camera and/or Product Animation determines whether the export will be a Photo or a Video.

Resolution, ratio, and generation

The ratios are pre-configured to be perfectly optimized for the target use of the Photo/Video:

  • By category: eCommerce; Instagram; Facebook; YouTube; TikTok; Snapchat; Pinterest; Display; Print...

  • By type: Hero, Story, Reel, Cover...

A 2K photo render will take a few minutes. As soon as the render resolution is higher, the generation time will be longer.
A two-second video render will take around fifteen minutes. As soon as the video is longer than two seconds, the generation will be longer.

Ratio and resolution examples


  • Mobile Hero (2K)

  • Hero (2K)

  • Square (2K)


  • Story (2K)

  • Reel (2K)

  • Portrait (2K)

  • Square (2K)

  • Landscape (2K)


  • Story (2K)

  • Landscape (2K)

  • Square (2K)

  • Cover (2K)


  • Landscape (2K)

  • Thumbnail (2K)


  • Story (2K)


  • Story (2K)


  • Story (2K)

  • Standard pin (2K)

  • Long pin (2K)

  • Board Display (2K)


  • Landscape (4K)

  • Story (4K)

  • Square (4K)


  • Landscape (8K)

  • Portrait (8K)

  • Square (8K)

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