Modelling several products

Order several 3D products at once.

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Need several versions of a product? Go to this article.

First step: Place an order for the modelling of your first product

This article will help you with this first step.

💡 Don't forget to name the products using a nomenclature to find them easily when you place an order with several products. For example, "Range - Product - Format".

Second step: Add your other products to the modelling order

  1. Click on Add my product below your first product

  2. Repeat the order process for all the products you want

  3. Continue until the order is complete.

  4. Confirm with the Continue button

  5. ⚠️ Please note that it is not possible to go back once the order has been placed.

  6. Your order is being processed by our 3D team!

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