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🗓️ Update June 2024

Summary :

We offer you a new version of the Projects page to help you better organize yourself.

As a reminder:

To organise the Scenes, Photos, and Videos you create on Omi, use the Projects page.

To view all your creations generated with Omi, use the Renders page.

An Omi scene = is a creation space that opens in the studio. A scene is based on a template.

An Omi render = is a photo or video generated from an Omi scene.

The project page

  1. Go to the Projects page of your Omi account (highlighted in green).

Two distinct sections appear:

  • Quick Access (highlighted in red) = find your favorite added scenes

  • Projects (highlighted in yellow) = all the projects in your Omi account

How to create a project?

  1. Create your first Project by clicking on the New Project button at the top right.

  2. Name your Project.

Your project is created!

Operating within a project

A Project allows you to categorize the renders you create: like a folder. It gathers your sub-projects, scenes, renders in one place.

You will find in each of your projects:

  • Vos sub-projects

  • Vos renders

  • Your scenes (meaning all the scenes you haven't sorted into Sub-projects)

Sub-projects and how they work

Sub-projects allow you to organise yourself even more effectively. You can add/move scenes of your choice inside them, as well as your renders.

How to create a sub-project?

  1. Create your sub-project by clicking on the New Project button.

  2. Name your sub-project.

Your sub-project is created!

You can create sub-projects infinitely to easily organize yourself in your projects ↓

In this example :

- Alexia is the parent

- Mars is the child

- Semaine 1 is the grandchild

Possible actions with sub-projects

With your sub-projects, you can:

  • Rename

  • Duplicate

  • Delete

  • Easily access your favorite projects by pinning them as default projects in the navigation menu on the left side.

How to do?

  1. Go to the Project page.

  2. Click on the contextual menu.

  3. Click on the "Make default project" label.

Renders in a project

The renders made with your project in question are in your project. You can move your renders between projects.

Note: If you want to post-produce your photo render, you need to go to the Renders tab to perform this action.

Possible actions with your renders

With your renders, you can:

  • QR code, this feature allows you to retrieve your render on your smartphone by scanning the QR code provided by Omi

  • Rename them

  • Move them

View all your renders

You can display all your renders when you have more than 12. You can then filter between images and videos.

Scenes in a project

You can have scenes not sorted into sub-projects; they group together the templates you have chosen for your scenes.

They are editable and duplicable indefinitely.

Possible actions with your scenes

With your scenes, you can:

  • Rename

  • Move

  • Duplicate

💡 Omi Tips 💡

Once the render duplicated, you can Exchange your product in a scene

Favorite scenes

You can add any scenes as favorites and find them at the first level of the Projects page.

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