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What is the difference between a Master and a variation of my product?
What is the difference between a Master and a variation of my product?

The purpose of this article is to explain the difference between a master and a variation of your product.

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For 3D modelling, Omi employs 3D Artists who model each product to measure. The average modelling time is 2 weeks. You can model your product in several formats (open / closed / other). One format equals one order. Here is an article to help you distinguish between the different formats and place an order.

When you place an order for several products, there may be similarities between certain products, so it is important to distinguish which is the Master and which are its variations.

In fact,

  • A Master = one product

  • A variation = the same product with a different label or a different color.

In other words, there is no change to the product, just the label or the color.

Here are some examples of Masters and variations:

As you can see, only the colour and label have changed. The shape, however, remains unchanged.

On this example, the bottle is the same but the label changes (in French, in English).

When you define a product as Master, it will be modelled first. This allows our 3D Artist in charge of your modelling to save time on modelling your variations.

Please note: the Master is modelled first so that you can then make your variations. You need to validate it quickly to then have your other models.

For your information, once your products have been modeled, you have 2 options:

  • Pick them up at our office (by appointment only)

  • Send a Chronopost return slip with pick-up at the office via chat or e-mail to your CSM.


If your order has been modeled for more than three months, we have removed your products from stock.

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