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Swapping your product in a scene
Swapping your product in a scene

This article will allow you to exchange your product in the scene.

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With Omi, you can switch your product in the scene while keeping the same dimensions of the product and your scene (lights, reflections, added elements, etc.) in just a few clicks, without having to completely rework the scene.

To do this:

  • (Optional) Duplicate the scene you wish to swap products in by clicking on the "three dots", then press "duplicate".

*A copy of your scene is now created*

  • Click on the new duplicated scene "xxx- copy".

  • Click on your product

  • Press "Exchange" in the top left-hand menu

Choose the product with which you want to swap the one present in the scene.

Tip: you can also use the search bar to more easily find the new product to insert into the scene.

Please note: It is not possible to exchange items in the Library. You can only swap your products.

The complete process on video :)

And there you have it !

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